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“Watch the adventures of our friends

the Bacon Wrapped Avocado, The Hand and the Corazons”

Meet The Cast

Who's Who?

Arturo Corazon

Reanimated Heart

Arturo Corazon used to be a research scientist working in the highly competitive field of organism reanimation. He partially succeeded. Now he and his wife, Val, are taking bit parts in movies and helping their friends.

Val Corazon

Reanimated Heart

In her former existence Val was a medical doctor who worked with her husband, Arturo, researching reanimation as a way to extend people’s lives. She also used to enjoy gardening. Now she helps keep all the reanimated friends as healthy as possible, in between movie roles, of course.


Reanimated Bacon Wrapped Avocado

Also known as ”The Avocado” or “Bacon Wrapped Avocado” When the mummy who runs the diner couldn't convince his wife to let him create a mummy child, he used his magic to create Bwahaha instead. Since he's only been around for a week, Bwahaha is a little naive, but surprisingly wise.

The Hand

Reanimated Burnt, Severed Hand

The Hand's background is unknown to the Corazons, but he's friendly and can actually pick things up, which is...um...handy. He's also terrified of flames, for obvious reasons. He also plays Tom, a fictional burnt reanimated hand, in the series The Hand of Flopsville.


Marvin Playwell

Flopsville Actor

Marvin is pretty sure half his co-workers are animatronic, but everyone else talks to them like they're alive, so he'll play along. He's currently starring as Pete in The Hand of Flopsville.

Mara Doowell

Flopsville Actor

Mara is excited to star alongside her favorite actor, Marvin, in The Hand of Flopsville. She's even playing Zoe, the female lead! Mara may not be as brilliant as the character she plays, but she gets along with The Hand just as well.


Zombie Bigger Better Brain Drone

The Zombies made this intelligent drone camera to help the directors get some professional-looking shots. The cast and crew are terrified by his reckless flying, but we love his enthusiasm!


Reanimated Egyptian Chef Extraordinaire

Cook, dad, entrepreneur, Mum does everything well...except speak. Once you get used to his groans and moans, you'll find that the mummy who owns the Dark Alley Diner and who created Bwahaha is a really great guy. Just don't look too closely at the food he brings you.


Director Jose

Animated Director

Blending reality and fiction, Jose finally got his wish to be a cartoon. Now he can direct the movies made in Flopsville from within Flopsville. Talk about a dream come true!

Director Laurel

Animated Director

Laurel's still not sure how it happened, but she enjoys directing movies from inside Flopsville. So many interesting people to meet and never a bad hair day.

BWA News

What's really going on in our virtual world
  • November 2023

    We’ve had a lot of fun…and a lot of frustration. Sounds like every creative endeavor, doesn’t it? Every time we think we can move something into the DONE pile, it seems to develop never-seen-before bugs. Yet–we ARE making progress (even if some of it is just getting back to where we thought we were the week before). We had a team meeting in an updated version of our app, with two new levels added, including our lobby level. We have more menus, more polished animations, new characters and a more robust backend.

    We also have more samples of MERCH. We’ve been testing out designs for t-shirts (short- and long-sleeved), sweatshirts and glasses. We have several that we love and they’ll be showing up here SOON.

    Can’t wait to show you everything!


  • September 2023

    Ok, so the “part one” back in June turned into a whole summer disappearing. We were hoping to have reached a milestone with our demo before the end of that month, but forgot to take into account the more frenetic pace of a short summer term of graduate school, travel, kids at home, etc. We did make an enormous amount of progress on our demo this summer though. We now have a rough draft of the complete animation for 11 characters, the food truck area is done, the house is decorated, users can enter nicknames and room names to hang out with their friends. Everyone has done an amazing job. I love our team!

    We’re also re-vamping our “Flippity Flops” channel. We spent a lot of time thinking it over and we really want to consolidate our efforts under one theme. Soon we’ll put up more behind-the-scenes peeks at our motion capture and animation process, but they will have a different format and a different name. No worries though–we’ll definitely link to it from here so you can easily find it.

    For the same reason, we’ll be replacing our iFilmFlops t-shirts with Bacon Wrapped Avocado shirts. We’ll post the new designs soon. Let us know if you’d like one or if you think one of our other characters should also get their own shirt. The Hand has one, soon BWAHAHA will too, but if you’d rather have the Corazons or Mum or ZBBBD, shoot us an email from the contact section at the bottom of the page. If we get enough response, we might make some available for purchase. (Right now you pretty much have to work for us to get one.)

    Keep an eye peeled for updates! It’s getting exciting over here.

  • June 2023 pt.1

    Yep, we’re hoping for more news in a couple of weeks 😀

    Right now, we have our next short up on YouTube and TikTok. It’s a behind-the-scenes (BTS) view of the filming of  The Hand of Flopsville Animated Series, from the actors’ point of view.

    OK, well, I suppose it’s not “really” BTS since it’s all animated, but it is a fun look at what filming with a zombie-made drone camera might be like.

    Until next time–enjoy!

Meet The Team

Making Stories About Lovable Monsters and Misfits

Jose Mojica

Founder, Director, Creative Lead

Jose has an offbeat creativity that blends his love of horror and comedy. He's been telling stories in various forms for decades. He is also a technophile. Once he thought of making VR movies an interactive, shared experience, he couldn't wait to figure out how to make it happen. You may recognize versions of his voice in Arturo and Bwa-ha-ha.

Laurel Mojica

Founder, Producer, CEO

Laurel focuses on the practical side of Flopsville, though she is also the voice of Val. Also a technophile, Laurel has fallen in love with watching reanimated body parts on her VR headset...also with playing VR mini-golf.


Meescha Dare

Artist, Production Designer

Meescha has been working with the team since 2015 when The Hand thought he'd be the star of a web series. Back then, she helped create his comic book. Now she's creating a whole world for him and his friends.

Giovanni Minus

Application Designer

Giovanni is the newest member of the team, but his knowledge of Game Design is exactly what we need to make our VR movies both interactive and multi-viewer. He also brings experience in organizing and communicating all the complex details our geographically diverse team needs to share.

Behind The Scenes

Get to know the Mojicas

Click here for:

The Flippity Flops channel on iFilmFlops

Here we talk about our motion capture process:  our studio setup(s), the gear we’ve used, tips and tricks that have helped.

Most of these videos are filmed in 3D 180 VR, so you can move the phone to see more of the picture (or swipe with your finger to move the scene).

If you’ve got a VR headset with a YouTube app, it’s even more fun to watch through that—like visiting our studio in person!

A few of the videos are 2D, normal, flat, whatever you want to call them.

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