• February 2024

    Sneaking the February update in under the deadline! 🙂

    It’s been a busy month for Bacon Wrapped Avocado®! We’ve posted a few new videos (see them here), gotten more regular on social media and…
    moved into a final debugging stage for our demo! (Insert trumpet calls here.)

    Pretty soon we’ll be looking for some testers, so if you have a Quest 2 or 3 headset and would like to be a part of that, fill out the Contact form and let us know.

    In March we’ll also start creating new content for the app, so that it will have more than a demo level. Can’t wait to record some stories for Zoe’s House and the Dark Alley Diner!

    Of course, the store is still up and running and we created a Corazons t-shirt in honor of Valentine’s Day. If you want to see what’s available, check out the store here. If you have any suggestions for merch you’d really like to see, different designs or different items, you can let us know in the Contact form.

    Alright, I think that’s it for now. Enjoy Spring–it’s always interesting (72 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, dropping into the 30’s this afternoon).

  • January 2024

    Guess what?
    We have a store! Check out shop.baconwrappedavocado.com for fun t-shirts, glasses, and throw pillows.

    Also, we’re kinda famous!
    We were interviewed by David Guard for his podcast Technology and Friends. Stay until the end to see a surprise appearance by a pair of our characters.

    As for our demo, the lobby is shaping up nicely. There are animations with Bwahaha and Mum giving instructions. Some happen automatically. Some trigger when you pick menu items. Also the in-movie menu is working better. Giovanni fixed the volume buttons and added a function to let you see a list of everyone in your room. Laurel set up the auto-pilot positions…then the team realized auto-pilot isn’t the best way to consume a movie where 10 different characters have storylines, so we have some new ideas for that. Jose is continuing to debug the multiplayer server and Meescha is creating the setting for our characters’ second adventure. (She needs to get started early, because there’s a lot to make before we can start animating in a new place.)

    There’s a lot going on! Here’s hoping our northern team members don’t freeze before we’re ready to release.🥶

    Stay warm! (or cool if you’re in the south!)


  • December 2023

    Happy holidays or winter break or whatever you might have the chance to celebrate or enjoy this season!

    Santa’s got his list this time of year. At Bacon Wrapped Avocado, we’ve got a few of our own. We’re checking them all twice (or thrice or whatever 4x would be). We’re knocking out bugs, cleaning up environments, smoothing transitions and movements, and beginning some of the prep work for our NEXT episode.

    We’re also setting up our merchandise store. Keep an eye out for shop.baconwrappedavocado.com to go live sometime this month. We’re starting out with a handful of products, but will be adding to them as we find things we like, so if there’s something you’d really like to see, let us know!

    We’ll also be launching a short monthly email newsletter in January. If you want to be included, let us know that, too.

    Lots going on. Lots to celebrate. Lots to look forward to next year. Grateful for all those who love us and encourage us! May you be surrounded by the same!