February 2023

There has been a lot of two steps forward, one step back in Flopsville!

However, after building a computer that can handle almost 30 USB inputs, moving the receivers for our trackers closer to the ceiling, moving our sound to its own computer and buying a few more pieces for the audio rack… and then rearranging some furniture, we’re now getting MUCH better data from our mocap trackers. There’s a new Flippity Flop where we talk about that below.

While we’ve been doing all of that, Meescha has made great progress on the 3D house and Giovanni has been busy working on the interface.

It’s great attacking this from three sides, but I can’t wait until there’s something new to show you. Of course, if you missed our holiday greeting, you can find that in our shorts reel at the top of the page and that would be new (albeit slightly out-of-date if you’re just seeing it now).

Til next time!

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