December 2023

Happy holidays or winter break or whatever you might have the chance to celebrate or enjoy this season!

Santa’s got his list this time of year. At Bacon Wrapped Avocado, we’ve got a few of our own. We’re checking them all twice (or thrice or whatever 4x would be). We’re knocking out bugs, cleaning up environments, smoothing transitions and movements, and beginning some of the prep work for our NEXT episode.

We’re also setting up our merchandise store. Keep an eye out for to go live sometime this month. We’re starting out with a handful of products, but will be adding to them as we find things we like, so if there’s something you’d really like to see, let us know!

We’ll also be launching a short monthly email newsletter in January. If you want to be included, let us know that, too.

Lots going on. Lots to celebrate. Lots to look forward to next year. Grateful for all those who love us and encourage us! May you be surrounded by the same!

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