January 2024

Guess what?
We have a store! Check out shop.baconwrappedavocado.com for fun t-shirts, glasses, and throw pillows.

Also, we’re kinda famous!
We were interviewed by David Guard for his podcast Technology and Friends. Stay until the end to see a surprise appearance by a pair of our characters.

As for our demo, the lobby is shaping up nicely. There are animations with Bwahaha and Mum giving instructions. Some happen automatically. Some trigger when you pick menu items. Also the in-movie menu is working better. Giovanni fixed the volume buttons and added a function to let you see a list of everyone in your room. Laurel set up the auto-pilot positions…then the team realized auto-pilot isn’t the best way to consume a movie where 10 different characters have storylines, so we have some new ideas for that. Jose is continuing to debug the multiplayer server and Meescha is creating the setting for our characters’ second adventure. (She needs to get started early, because there’s a lot to make before we can start animating in a new place.)

There’s a lot going on! Here’s hoping our northern team members don’t freeze before we’re ready to release.🥶

Stay warm! (or cool if you’re in the south!)


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